Monday, 12 November 2007

Crafts for outdoors...

So I've just had a new fence and gate put up outside, and the front door spruced up. Which meant taking all the door furniture off. Well, me being me, I figured why just put it back on when I didn't particularly like it in the first place? So when my dad turned up with a piece of wood shaped very much like a number plaque, guess what I just had to try?

All I did was paint it with acrylic paint that I mixed to match the paper, then cut the scrapbook paper about 2mm smaller all round. I glued it on using PVA and printed the numbers on tracing paper, which I then transferred onto green paper. Glued these on, again with PVA, and outlined with a brown pencil. I finished it off with a covering of acrylic sealant. All that needs doing now is to fix the brackets onto the back and voila! Took about 20 minutes if you take off the drying time.

Next time I probably won't use a pencil to outline it, but I was too impatient to get it finished to wait until I had bought something more appropriate!