Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I've been tagged - TWICE!

Wow, so I've been tagged twice..... does that mean I have to twice as interesting???

Thanks to Jane and Toni for thinking I might have something useful to say... I'm going to add my facts now and have a think over the next few days who to tag, as it's Jack's 2nd birthday tomorrow and I need to get things ready!

I have to share 7 random or weird facts about myself, and nominate 7 other blogs to tag. So:
1. I home educate my boys (with the help of their dad, and various family members) and would eventually like to train to be a forest school practitioner.
2. I have my ears, nose and eyebrow pierced and have done for about 10 years.
3. I don't have a TV (but I still watch Alias and Scrubs on DVD a lot!)
4. I can't swim
5. I hate the water, probably the cause of number 4!!
6. I spend way too much time blurfing, and end up not actually making anything
7. I hate, hate, HATE clowns and spiders

Now you know something about me!