Saturday, 12 April 2008

Cory had a great birthday!

Well it was Cory's birthday yesterday... can't believe he's 4 already! We took him to Marwell Zoo for the day, and he loved it. Him and Jack were on their best behaviour too, not a single moan between them, but they did get super-hyper and didn't go to bed til 9 - about 3 hours after I could've happily crashed out! He saw all his favourite animals - giraffes, tigers, penguins, hippos and rhinos - so he was really happy with that, as he missed the giraffes when we went to London zoo last year. We didn't tell him where we were going, so it wasn't until he saw the huge picture of a tiger at the entrance that he kind of guessed where we were.

Sorry, none of the photos have been edited at all, as none of my programs seem to want to co-operate today!

Here's the card I made for him:

It was a pretty simple card in terms of the layering - the base is misc. yellow 12x12 cardstock, layered with the same cs in orange and green. I drew the picture, which took a fair while, and did the border separately - next time I'll draw the border and the picture on the same piece of paper, it's far too fiddly cutting the border out and risk ripping it. Now I haven't got any of the markers or pencils that I would like and have seen so many brilliant things done with, I just used bulk standard kids coloured pencils from the supermarket. Not the best result in the world, but I think it worked! I used sticky pads to make it stand out a bit. Oh, and I added the flower and brad but I can't remember who they are by.

Now I just have to make some thankyou cards.... Cory's practising his handwriting so he can sign them!

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