Sunday, 13 July 2008

A few new things

This is the first of several posts I'll make today, seems as I haven't posted for three months.... which is just shocking!

Beaded Pens

I've wanted to make these for ages, and I finally bit the bullet and ordered some Mini Micro beads from PennyWise Arts - which arrived in a week and I was only charged $8 for shipping, so I would definitely recommend them. The pens are from Tesco - a pack of 6 is £1.00.

I cut a piece of paper the length of the clear part of the pen and wide enough to wrap around with a slight overlap, then used 3mm dst to attach it to the pen. All of the pens here used 6x6 DCWV paper - the patterns are scaled down, and on an area as small as the pen I prefer this to bigger pieces.

I then cut a piece of double sided tape from an A4 sheet (from Stix2), the same size as the paper. I attached it to the pen ** CAREFULLY **, as it's pretty much permanent; then I removed the other side of the tape and rolled it in the beads. I rolled it around between my hands for a couple of minutes just to make sure they all stick - as yet, they're all still on there!

Well, I hope that made sense... here's the picture

Thanks for looking


wintersparkle said...

WOW what a clever idea xx may just hacve to try this sometime xxx great blog to ive added you to my blog list xx

Hammersue1 said...

I love the pens idea well done. I must have a go.
Added you to my blog too. be nice if you an add me thanx sue x