Tuesday, 9 September 2008

A Quick Make...

...well it would've been if my bind-it-all had co-operated, but I got it going in the end and produced this pad and pen set.

The pad measures roughly 9cm x 9.5cm, the pages being just under 9cm x 9cm. The purple is misc cs, and the paper on the pad and pen is from the Dovecraft Retro Floral Prints 8x8 pack. I thought I would have multicoloured pages to add a bit of interest so I picked colours that matched the dp (blue, green, pink, orange and yellow).

The pen is made in the same way as these here with the exception that I heated the tape for about 40 seconds before adding the beads - apparently it helps the beads stick better, so I'll see if it works.


Linda said...

Gorgeous Mandy, well done

shellshearer said...

love them both.....shellxx